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u'i&n iva hi? ".--L'/l, 7*:*r ?.:*'* ra: ^:th that sw^rd strong
tamarind :silk:'s a? e^ily as f>.=y tha pit'i o; t".;j plantain
trees, Plant;- u tvo ci^w-har- together on the- grjiind they
cut tliera f) ;;:c-ce? witj. t! .:-::• *word. They bring a basket full

of ermbal-d^os, r.::d TV:*? :V:i' or r.vs cf them together. As
the "jlaek*::-.;f.:5 &:•£ i;-* all 3 *o separate them, they place them
on the £i:,viL ci:d Settiv. tAE/r. 'r;it;> the ai-I of the hammer),
and hrlr^ */^--- TCTL::: 1:1 tr°'"1- cviidition for the next day's use.
Moreover, thtv "»:vt'.k ir^r. c!:iv-s at tiny given point. The
wr^tlers o: thy c *-int;y whn go there return ^rith a fe sling that
it is :v>: T'0<?;hle f ,-r tha^i to cope wifh their methods of taking
exercise, Thr v/eahl: u:,d *n-c-;]gtli cf tiijit place cai;:;ct be seeri

p. 79-SO,


Krsnadevaraya left tie zenana, and having entered the
audience hail, he summoned the great minister Salnva Timni-
appa to his presence, and commanded him to make the
nece«sary preparations for starting on an expedition of
COL quest of the east em quarter. To discover whether the time
was anspieio;^ ihr ianncluug the expedition, he L-aus^d a fen-
grains of rice made yellow with saffron to be sprinkled on the
roof of a •washerman's lionse. The washerman saner, out of the
fiilness of his heart, the following couplet :
" Eondavidii is ours ; and Kondapalle is ours. If anybody
disputes (tha truth of) my statement, then (I declare that* the
country as far as Katakam is also oiirs."
Whcu the soug: of the washerman was coaininnicated tc
the Rays, he started at once on his eastern campaign, aceora
paniedby hi* Commander-in-chief and the army. He capture*
during the course 01 a single expedition Udayagiri. Addanki
Yikukonda* Belliinikonda, Sagarjmiakondaj Tangeda. Kexa
varam and other tons : he then advanced upon the fort c
Ko$davldu in S. S. 1487 and captured it by scaling the walls